Filling the Void

In 2001, two business owners were shopping around for a marketing agency to carry out some advertising for their company, but couldn't find one that matched their specifications. It seemed that every agency they researched focused on concepts like branding and imaging, rather than the performance-based marketing strategies that these gentlemen wanted for their organization. Plus, the existing agencies wanted to be paid upfront, with no guarantee that their campaign efforts would prove successful. It wasn't adding up.

Fed up with their fruitless searching, these two men decided they would create their own marketing company to fill the direct-marketing void left by the missing services of other advertising agencies - and thus, Brookhollow Marketing was born. At first, Brookhollow's services remained "in the family," focusing on marketing for the companies already connected with the founders. Since then, Brookhollow Marketing has grown to become a direct-marketing machine, seeking out affinity partners and lending them the talents of our web designers, copywriters and marketing experts to help sell their products. After eight years we continue to believe in our unique business model, and because of our results, our partners can believe in it too.