Welcome to Brookhollow Marketing

Our general perception of the marketing process is, on the surface, consistent with the majority of the advertising industry: take a good product, increase its visibility among a larger target audience, and yield increased profits - pretty standard. However, it is our unique approach to executing this model that sets Brookhollow apart from other marketing firms.

There is always a significant amount of risk involved when a business hires a marketing agency to enhance their advertising. The business pays the agency, regardless of the fact that there can be no guarantee of a successful campaign - that is, one that yields increased profits for the business. What if the advertiser's campaigns are unsuccessful and don't pull in any extra revenue? Essentially, the business has flat-out lost the money it paid to the advertisers. It's the nature of the beast.

Luckily, the professionals at Brookhollow Marketing find amusement in defying nature. Our unique marketing strategy significantly diminishes the risk of losing money through advertising, because we don't charge for our services. That's right, Brookhollow Marketing will launch a full-scale marketing campaign for your business - at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We told you that we were different!

How is Brookhollow Marketing different than other advertising agencies?

We're sellers, not branders. Brookhollow utilizes a slough of direct marketing techniques that are designed to yield sales. If you're looking for someone to create a well-known, recognizable image for your products, we are not the ones for the job. The bottom line is, Brookhollow markets your products to sell them. We aren't concerned with how many people are talking about the goods...the profits come from sales, and that's what we're after. We've come to find that it's what our partners are after, too.

We don't charge for our services. That may sound insane, but it's the truth. Here's how it works: instead of just being hired on as a "marketing company," Brookhollow Marketing enters into affinity partnerships with new clients. Our company becomes an instant extension of your company, with our web and graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, SEO specialists, etc. all working to sell your products. Again, there is no charge for these services - you will experience all the benefits a marketing company provides without paying for them.

We don't profit unless our clients do. Brookhollow utilizes direct marketing strategies that allow us to track and measure exactly how many sales and leads are generated by our campaigns. The only way we make money is if our marketing efforts drive up your sales. Here's a general example: our team sends out a series of e-mails to advertise a new product your company has come out with, and it generates 10 orders for a total of $1000. From that $1000 subtract the actual cost of the products - say $500 - and any actual marketing costs - say $200 - for a net profit of $300. The net profit is then split 50/50 between your business and Brookhollow, so your company gains $150 in pure profit - profits generated by marketing that was executed for you at no cost. In following this model, it is clear that Brookhollow takes a vested interest in the successes of our affinity partners.

We do our research. Brookhollow Marketing is constantly in search of companies with philosophies, products and services that we believe in. Since our success hinges on the successes of the businesses we work with, we choose our associates with much discretion. We look for partners that have the potential for success - businesses that provide the public with unique, high-quality goods that have not fully capitalized on or developed a nationwide marketing strategy. Our clients can be confident that Brookhollow is confident in the products we market.